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Le francais...en chansons! Do you speak a little French? More importantly, do you love listening to French songs? Or perhaps even singing along? Oui? Ah! Parfait! Alors...Come and join the fun with this one-off opportunity to learn French singing it! Research is overwhelming: listening and singing to music is a fantastic learning tool when it comes to languages. Music and singing are great fun, but singing encourages us to focus on the intonation and pronunciation of words. Perhaps the greatest benefit to studying with music is that it helps us remember vocabulary! French songs show us the way the French truly express themselves and provides a unique opportunity to discover all kinds of cultural nuances and expressions. French 1 completed is preferable but not essential and no prior musical knowledge is required.

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STARTED 73018 - Sat 1.00pm 9 Dec. 1 sess x 4 hrs (Wea Centre)
STARTED 73018A - Sat 1.00pm 2 Dec. 1 sess x 4 hrs (Wea Centre)


Find out what skills and what tools are required to carry out your own tiling. Different surfaces, tiles, glues and grouts will be discussed. Fee includes the costs of materials so that you can practise basic wall and floor tiling. Tiles donated by Beaumont Tiles and adhesives by Construction Chemicals.

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STARTED 73202D - Sun 9.00am 3 Dec. 1 day x 8 hours (Wea Centre)


Learn how to create a beautiful Christmas ornament with Bead-weaving. Glimmering Swarovski crystals & glass seed beads will create a Beaded cover that slips over a glass Christmas ball. Creating a lavish ornate heirloom ornament. No previous Beading experience necessary, patience & good eyesight are essential. A kit for $100 to be supplied by Tutor.

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STARTED 75350 - Sat 10.00am 2 Dec. 1 day x 6 hrs (Wea Centre)


Through hands-on experience, broaden your understanding of face painting and improve your creative skills. Your new skills will make you sought after for children's and adult parties, charity functions and photographic work. Materials cost approx. $95.

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STARTED 75509D - Wed 6.30pm 6 Dec. 2 wks x 3 hrs (Wea Centre)


Designed to assist those new to beekeeping in gaining a basic understanding of equipment requirements and hive management techniques.

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STARTED 76130J - Sat 9.00am 2 Dec. 1 day x 6 hrs (Wea Centre)


Enjoy fully participating in life by learning to focus awareness and senses in the present moment. Providing an opportunity to try different mindfulness meditation techniques in order to find one that may suit you. The day will focus on mindfulness in life and neuroplasticity and its benefits. Your journey towards reducing stress, anxiety and self-criticism, finding balance, clarity and inner peace.

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STARTED 76211D - Sun 10.00am 3 Dec. 1 day x 6 hrs (Wea Centre)


Compare and evaluate Cabernets from around the world. Consider New World Cabernet in the light of wines from their birthplace in France. Participants in the Challenge will learn how to judge the quality of Cabernet and will judge which wine is the winner.

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STARTED 77068 - Fri 6.30pm 1 Dec. 1 sess x 3 hrs (Wea Centre)


WordPress started as just a blogging system, but has evolved into a full content management system, used by almost 1/4 of all websites. While you can still use WordPress to create a simple blog, it also allows you to create fully functional websites. The best part about WordPress is that it's easy to use and flexible, with thousands of free templates. Introductory course students should be familiar with using a PC and the Internet..

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STARTED 78071K - Tue 9.00am 12 Dec. 1 day x 6 hrs (Wea Centre)


Don’t spend hours getting familiar with the new Windows 10 and Office 2016 programs. This concise course will fast track you to the new features. Current users of previous versions may be interested in experiencing the differences before making a decision to upgrade.

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STARTED 78200J - Wed 9.00am 13 Dec. 1 sess x 4 hrs (Wea Centre)


Learn how to write; correct; save and print a document; retrieve existing documents; move and copy text; use Find and Replace; format texts and paragraphs; use existing styles; use the Thesaurus; set tabs; create tables; add page numbers; and more. Keyboard skills and knowledge of Windows environment essential. Enrol in Introduction to Word & Intermediate Word at the same time and pay the discount fee for both courses. Course uses Word 2016.

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STARTED 78202H - Thu 9.00am 7 Dec. 2 wks x 6 hrs (Wea Centre)

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