How do I reserve my spot in a course?

Enrolment in a course is by full payment only. You can enrol over the website, by fax, by post, at the WEA centre or over the phone (during office hours). Please read the terms and conditions before enrolling.

The course I want to enrol in is full, can I be notified of future places?

If the course you want to enrol in is full, you can either phone during office hours, or send an email to [email protected] to have your name added to our waiting lists for future course dates or vacancies. Please include your name and a phone number in addition to your email address.

When will the next WEA guide come out?

The WEA Course Guide is produced 5 times per year. You can see and enrol in our program of courses on this website now. The current course guide can be downloaded from the home page on our website at any time. The WEA publishes five Course Guides each year in late January, early April, mid June, early September and late November. The Guides are delivered with your local messenger and are also distributed in the Sunday Mail. All course details appear on this website, which is updated daily.

Can I enrol over the Website?

You can enrol up to 4 people at one time on the website, and in multiple courses at one time. Select the courses that you wish to enrol in, once you have selected all the courses you wish to enrol in click on the checkout button to go to the payment area. Don't forget to print out your receipt to bring with you to class. You can also show your receipt using your smart phone if you have one.

Why do I need to print my receipt?

Please bring your receipt with you to class, your receipt is like a ticket, to show that you have enrolled in the course. If you have enrolled via the office your receipt will be either emailed or posted out to you, if you enrolled over the website, print off your receipt using the link provided at the time of making the booking, or by the link in the email that you received at the time of enrolment. You can also show your receipt using your smart phone if you have one.

Refund Policy

Please choose carefully. The WEA does not provide refunds except where a course is cancelled. The WEA cannot accept responsibility for changes in personal circumstances, work commitments or illness of family members. The WEA charges a $25 administration fee on all transfers and credit vouchers. The WEA will only consider a credit voucher (valid for 12 months) or a transfer if you contact the WEA at least five clear working days before the course starts, or if you provide medical evidence of your inability to attend the entire course. Medical Certificates must be provided within 2 months of the course starting. The WEA is not responsible for books or materials purchased for a course.

Gift Vouchers

Yes we do have Gift Vouchers, you can nominate any amount. Please ring on 8223 1979 for more information during office hours. Please note Gift Vouchers can't be purchased or used over the website.


The WEA has limited on-site parking available. Entry is $5 payable with coins or Paywave. The WEA car park is available to students for the duration of their course. Street parking is available near the WEA centre.